Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a landlord or Management Company, we have a separate FAQ available for you.

  • Who is eligible for this insurance?

    Persons living in rented residential property are eligible for this insurance. The persons named on the Declarations page and their family residents will be covered.

  • Is there a minimum premium?

    The premium for each policy is fully earned for the current and first future month of the annual period commencing when the policy was first written.

  • Can I include my landlord as an "Additional Insured" or "Interested Party" on my policy?

    Our liability policies provide protection for your landlord against certain losses such as fire and smoke damage caused by your negligence. However, the policy cannot be modified to specifically show your landlord as an additional insured or interested party. However, we can issue an evidence of insurance letter with your landlord as an Interested Party, so they will be notified if your coverage is terminated. You can add this during the purchase process or after ordering via the on-line Customer Center.

  • Who is the Named Insured on this policy?

    An insured is the person named on the declarations page and that person's family members. Family members are persons related to the insured by blood, marriage or adoption who also reside at your household. If you would like to include room mates that do not fit the previous description to your policy, or are required by a landlord to explicitly include family members, you may add them to your policy during the purchase process or after ordering via the on-line Customer Center if it is prior to the effective date of the policy. Up to four additional insured may be included with your policy.

  • Is there a minimum limit for Property coverage?

    Yes, the minimum limit for Property coverage is $10,000 and the highest limit is $75,000 in most states.

  • Does this policy cover damage done by my pets?

    Yes, bodily injury or property damage that is caused by an animal owned by any insured, or in any insured's care, custody, is covered up to $10,000 for any occurrence.

  • Does this policy include medical payments to others?

    Yes, this coverage includes payments up to $500 for any occurrence on the residence premises.

  • Is my wedding ring (jewelry) covered?

    Jewelry is covered with a limit of $500.00 for one item up to a maximum of $1,000 for all items, for loss by burglary. Additional limits may be available under certain circumstances.

  • What types of Property losses are covered?

    The basic coverage offers protection against fire; smoke; lightning; windstorm or hail; vandalism; burglary; and several other listed perils.

  • Do I have to list or schedule my property to be covered?

    Items that would need to be scheduled for proper coverage are: Jewelry, Furs, Musical Instruments, Silverware, Goldware, Golf Equipment, Fine Art, Postage Stamps, Rare and Current Coins, Trading Cards, Firearms, Cameras and Bicycles.

  • Does this policy cover claims made against me?

    If Liability coverage is purchased, the policy covers damages for bodily injury or property damage for a covered occurrence for which an insured becomes liable. An insured is the person(s) named on the declarations page and that person’s family members. Family members are persons related to the insured by blood, marriage or adoption who also reside at your household.

  • Do you offer hotel expenses if required to stay away from your apartment unit?

    If your insured premises are uninhabitable due to a covered loss, we will pay any necessary increase in living expenses incurred so that your household can maintain its normal standard of living up to the coverage limit specified on the Declarations Page for "Additional Living Expense".

  • Are there any exclusions?

    Yes, following are some examples:

    1. Animals, fish or birds
    2. Land motor vehicles, or motorized vehicles or machines or aircraft.
    3. Property rented or held for rental to others when not on the insured premises.
    4. Trees, plants, shrubs or lawns.
    5. Credit/debit cards except as covered by Personal Property Supplementary Coverages.
    6. Property of a room mate, boarder, tenant or other resident who is not an insured.
    7. Business property owned by others while away from the insured premises.
    8. Contraband.

    You should read the policy to see all policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

  • Is there a waiting period before policy in effect?

    Coverage will be effective the day after ordering and paying for the policy or at a future date up to thirty days in advance.

  • Will my landlord's insurance policy cover my stuff if they are lost in a fire or stolen?

    No, your landlord's insurance policy will not cover your items if they are lost in a fire or stolen. That is why each tenant should purchase this type coverage.

  • If I move or change my address, can I transfer my policy?

    These policies are not transferable. If you have moved, please log in to your account to request cancellation and purchase a new policy at your new location.

  • How can I cancel my policy?

    You may cancel the policy by logging into your account and requesting cancellation.

  • Are my items covered when I'm away from my residence?

    Coverage for personal property away from your insured premises is limited to 10% of the policy limit. Personal property in motor vehicles is limited to $1,000.00. There is also a limit of $500.00 for personal property used at any time for business purposes if away from residence premises.

  • What is Replacement Cost Coverage?

    Replacement Cost Coverage is the cost of replacing the item at the time of loss with the same or equal quality item with no calculation for depreciation. This coverage is standard with our policy.

  • What is Flood Coverage?

    Flood coverage is an optional coverage to insure your property against flood. Flood coverage is not part of the basic policy. Flood is the temporary condition of water covering normally dry land from sources like inland or tidal waters and runoff or surface water.

  • What is Drain & Sewer Coverage?

    This is optional coverage that can be purchased to cover loss from water which backs up through sewers or drains or which overflows from a sump pump.

  • What documentation will be needed in the event of a claim?

    All claims will require some type of support documentation. The exact type will vary based on the nature of the loss. Generally if a law was broken, such as Burglary, Theft or Vandalism, a police report will be required along with some evidence or proof of ownership. Damaged property will generally require repair estimates.

  • How do I decide what limits to select?

    You should determine the total cost to replace your belongings in the event of a loss and add an additional amount for property that may be acquired during the policy term.

  • How do I report a claim?

    All claims should be reported immediately to Markel American Insurance Company, PO Box 906, Pewaukee, WI 53072-0906 or by calling 800-236-2862.

  • If I have any questions about the insurance protection offered by this policy, how do I get answers?

    You can contact our office at (888) 297-1885 for assistance with any questions regarding the insurance protection afforded by this policy. You can also email your questions to

The policy, not this FAQ section, is the contract of insurance and all coverage is determined by the policy.