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Landlords can require that you purchase and keep Liability coverage in force for the entire term of your lease. Personal Property coverage is a very valuable coverage that protects your personal property. The Landlord is not responsible for your personal property. In most cases the Landlord cannot require that you purchase personal property. However, it is in your best interest to purchase this insurance to protect you against damage caused by fires, burglary, storms and other causes of loss to your property.

Common Liability claims against renters include fire and smoke damage to their rental units, and possibly adjoining units, from kitchen fires. Injuries to your guests, from trips and falls are another common source of Liability claims against you. Even if these claims against you are ultimately found in your favor, the legal cost to defend yourself can be substantial. Your policy includes defense cost coverage.

Personal Property loss can come from many causes. Burglary is a major cause of loss to property that can be easily and quickly taken from your premises... TV(s), game consoles, computers, other electronics are examples of the most frequently taken property. A less frequent, but more serious cause of loss arises from fires and storms, when you can experience a total loss to all your property. The cost to replace or repair your property can be very high and it, therefore, makes sense to have personal property insurance protection.

It is important to read your insurance policy once you receive it to make sure you are familiar with all its terms, conditions, exclusions and other provisions. Many policies with the same generic reference of “Renters Insurance” actually provide very different coverage. Some policies require endorsements or amendments to get certain types of property covered or certain causes of loss covered. So, while they all provide Liability and Personal Property insurance, you may need more than the basic policy offers. After reading your policy, call your agent to discuss any questions you have.

Liability Insurance

Protect yourself and your family against large legal bills and possible big dollar liability resulting from your negligence or that of your family. You can do this with personal Liability Insurance at a very low cost.

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Property Insurance

With all the criminal activity and storm damage occurring every year, along with Fires, it just makes perfect sense to protect yourself for a small monthly cost. You can do this now by adding Personal Property Insurance to your policy order for Liability Insurance.

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